Civic Tech Exchange

DemocracyLab is building a hub for online civic participation.  Our vision is to create a dynamic database of civic tech tools and resources with distinct views for citizens, volunteers, leaders and donors.

  • Citizens will choose the communities they belong to and issues they care about, then use and evaluate civic tech tools that have been configured to engage them.
  • Volunteers will research projects that align with their skills and interests, then bid on paid work or gain recognition for volunteering.
  • Leaders will be able to easily find appropriate tools to engage their constituents.
  • Donors will be able to perform due diligence on projects and pledge their support.

DemocracyLab will create an efficient marketplace to allocate eyeballs and funding in the growing civic tech sector.  We believe the results will be agile experimentation with new methods and technologies, and an smoother path to sustainability for projects that demonstrate real-world impact.