What are we all about?

We've quietly launched a pre-MVP version of our platform. We'll be making another release and running a proof of concept project in Seattle in late May. In the meantime, please feel free to check out what we've built so far here.


A platform for civic technology

The civic tech movement is trying to invent the future.  It’s a future where every person can contribute to the decisions that affect them, where public services are delivered dynamically, and where collective intelligence fits in the palm of your hand.

But the civic tech movement suffers from inefficiency. Too many smart, well-intentioned people underachieve their potential real-world impact because they don't have access to the people and resources they need to launch their projects successfully.

DemocracyLab is solving this problem by creating an online hub for civic innovation that that will engage stakeholders by using marketplace dynamics to allocate effort, resources, and attention. We're starting by connecting skilled volunteers to tech-for-good projects that need their help. 

We're hard at work powering towards an imminent launch. Our team of super-volunteers has been designing and developing our platform for a public launch on July 4, 2018. 


What exactly are we building?

A web platform for experts in the tech sector to connect with civic issues they care about. We empower these experts to participate in projects to help change our communities for the better. DemocracyLab is a platform to catalog these projects and help tech volunteers get involved.

In the long-term, we plan to expand to serve institutions, donors and citizens who use civic tech.

We're aiming to change the way people can impact democracy. Our current system is antiquated and solving 21st century problems requires 21st century solutions. The results we expect are an increase in participation, collaboration and transparency within the civic tech movement, and the evolution of new civic technologies capable of addressing society’s significant challenges.

Want to get a taste of what we are developing?

Check out this prototype.

See how you can Get Involved!

What's the civic tech movement?

Civic Tech is a technological approach to solving civic problems, empowering citizens and/or using government data to make governments more accountable. Civic hackers can be programmers, designers, data scientists, good communicators, civic organizers, entrepreneurs, government employees, or anyone who wants to use their skills to create better tech tools for the public good.


DemocracyLab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization creating and curating online tools that engage communities to solve problems.